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Book Reviews

What readers are saying about The Boldest Plan is the Best:

"…a hard to put down story…"

Paul K., a historian from Pennsylvania.

"I finally finished reading your book and I think it is great. The way you wove the 509 actions into the total war was outstanding. I have to say that I learned new things about the places we fought and things my closest friends did."

Edward R., a 509th PIB veteran from Oregon

"I really appreciated the fact that you have the companion website with photos and documents; I think this may be a great pattern for the publishing community to follow. The quality and size of photos are so much better for viewing over "book" size photos."

Jack L., a Vietnam veteran and the son of a 509th PIB veteran from Kentucky.

"After eating supper I started to read it word for word…it is great [and] Jim did a good job… he wanted to write the book so that anyone could read, enjoy and respect their story…it appears that Jim has done just that."

Mike D., a Vietnam veteran from California.

I wish I had had a copy of this book two years ago …because a thorough review of the 509th's history is hard to find.

LTC Shawn Daniel
3-509th Infantry (ABN)

I thoroughly enjoyed the book and I will recommend it to all officers in the 1-509th.

LTC Scott Himes
1-509th Infantry (ABN)


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